Magical Puglia

“No earthly hope can give my heart peace as much as the certainty of sun that overflows from your sky”

From the pen of a Pugliese poet when musing about Puglia


Unimaginable Beauty

In southeastern Italy, you'll find unimaginable beauty in the land between two seas. It's the land of superior olive oils, robust red wines, roses, and sparkling whites. Cheeses and horses, coastlines and cobblestones. Blue green waters. The Salento, southern Puglia, is rich in history, beauty and magic. It has been conquered by the Greeks, Romans, and Byzantines, who left their mark – noted in Puglia's architecture, food and culture.

Be Pugliese for 10 days!

Join Passeggiata in Puglia for an intimate tour of the charming towns, olive groves, and wineries of Puglia, and experience the authentic way of life of the Pugliese. Small group passeggiate allow for time to absorb the stress-free way of life, the farm to table cucina povera, and the awe-inspiring art and architecture.


The Fairy Tale Village

This fairy tale village is located in the Itria Valley where just around every corner you expect gnomes and fairies and magic dust. A trullo is a circular stone home with a cone-shaped roof. Symbols of love and peace adorn the roof structures of these 1,000 white-washed homes that have been named a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


The White City on the Hill

Often called the White City on the Hill, a mirage, with prehistoric origins dating back to 600 BC. It sits atop the largest murge, the hills of Puglia, providing stunning views all the way to the Adriatic.


The Baroque Jewel. The Florence of the South.

Sophisticated, and quite simply beautiful with its soft pink limestone buildings, palaces and piazzas. Voluptuous caryatids, lyrical scrolls and whimsical garlands fruits and crests – candy for the eyes. Cartapesta (papier mache) shops, bookstores, museums, art galleries, and wine and cheese tastings coupled with ancient churches and local trattorias.


The Door to the Orient

Perfectly placed at the Adriatic, the result of many invaders, now steeped in history with the Castle of Aragon and a Byzantine Cathedral housing the best preserved thousand year old ceramics floor tiles – The Tree of Life. Often called the Door to the Orient for being the easternmost point of Italy.

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10 days. 9 nights.

Price per person for a couple: $3,199 / Price for single: $3,499

  • Indulge

  • Wine tastings
  • Cooking classes
  • Olive grove tours
  • Explore

  • Catamaran Cruise
  • Archeological ruins
  • Gorgeous beaches
  • Relax

  • Yoga
  • Massages
  • Horse riding
  • Bike riding
  • Passeggiate

  • Brindisi
  • Polignano a Mare
  • Lecce

Chi Siamo

About Passeggiate in Puglia

Mariana Fiorentino

My family is from a small fishing village just north of Bari on the Adriatic, called Giovinazzo. My grandfather was baptized in the local church, La Parrocchia S. Maria Assunta, February 12, 1888. When I first visited Giovinazzo 12 years ago, I was consumed with a joy and passion for discovery that I wanted to share with everyone. This experience inspired me to create Passeggiate in Puglia, a boutique tour company offering tours to Magical Puglia. I hope you'll join me on my next discovery.

Ylenia Sambati

I'm an Italian travel experience designer and partner of Passeggiate in Puglia. I have a passion for the Italian lifestyle and for discovering unexplored places. I've channeled this passion to help create an unforgettable trip to Puglia for you. We'll take you away from the “ordinary” and put you in the middle of the “extraordinary” Puglia lifestyle.

Vieni con noi!

Come with us!

Spend 10 unforgettable days exploring this sun-drenched magical jewel waiting to be discovered in untouched southern Italy.